Thursday, 22 December 2011

The importance of and the gift of listening

We have all had moments when all we really need is someone to truly listen and care about what we have experienced, what we're thinking and feeling and how our day panned out. We have also, I am sure had moments where the person we're talking to is not truly listening or giving us their 100% attention, just merely waiting for their turn to speak.

It is an amazing gift that you can give someone, to devote your entire focus on actually listening to and processing what they are telling you, without comment or judgement if the case calls for it. Such a simple thing to do, but an amazing gift.

Yet, for the majority, listening is a skill that remains unperfected.

The ability to REALLY listen is actually a healing gift and one that benefits you as well as the person you are listening to. Every day, in every moment and for every decision we have to make, we have an entire team ready to help us. If you ask a question or ask for help, make sure you are REALLY listening, not just waiting for your turn to speak.

In so many ways, our team can "intervene" to give us information. I was reminded today by a light worker friend of mine that snatches of conversation, a song on the radio when you turn it on, opening a book to a random page and reading what's there, the appearance of a stray at your door step, a strange dream, an unusual encounter, the sudden appearance of someone you haven't seen in a long time, flowers blossoming where you hadn't noticed them before...ALL of these things add up to prompt you in the right direction.

Are you listening?

Most of the time our amazing brain will catalogue these things and lead us to what seems to be an impulsive decision or a "gut feeling" which we then choose to act on or not. However, just for a moment, imagine the confidence, calm and guidance you can have when you consciously listen, and look for these signs?

With love and light

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