Wednesday, 21 December 2011

With Star Dust in my eyes

So maybe some of you who have been reading this blog might think that perhaps I walk around with a bit of star dust in my eyes and thinking all light and love thoughts with only a tenuous grip of the realities? Perhaps you might be forgiven for thinking that I have had it easy and therefore can sit here and type messages about being loving and forgiving because of the fact that I have never faced anything traumatic, majorly hurtful or spiteful or nothing as bad as others etc *smile*

I have to admit to similar feelings when reading self development books, and reading "stuff" other people have written. I too have sat in conferences and healing sessions thinking, "Yeah right! I chose to do this to myself, are you CRAZY?"

So I will make no apologies for my positivity and nor will I try and justify my position or my "qualifications" for writing these posts, because really, it's all about our own journey. This is a part of mine and I believe that I can be helpful in writing these posts.

I can't even tell you why this particular message has popped into my head today, no incident occurred, no one has said anything to me, I just sat down to type and here the message often happens this way. Back to the point though..... (*Smile* got distracted)

I definitely make a choice to see the world through my special brand of rose coloured glasses, to perceive the good from every action, no matter how awful it seems at the time, and to believe that every transaction I am a part of is, or can be, a part of my journey and learning. Through doing this, and making this my "reality" I am able to calmly face situations which before now may have had me pulling my hair out. I am able to make clear and concise decisions based on my heart and my intuition without fear, and I am better able to understand and therefore get along with, others even when their actions stem from ego. So I ask, is it really a bad thing that I have star dust in my eyes? *laugh* I'm definitely erring on the side of "Nope!"

Our journey through life is most definitely impacted by the way we look at the world. If you expect to be hurt and to have tragedy in your life you will (I have inadvertently put this one to the test...don't go there!!!!!!) and if you expect that the world is a beautiful place despite the seeming harshness of it sometimes, well, then it will be.

Don your rose coloured glasses, sprinkle faery dust around, believe in magic and miracles and let that star dust twinkle from your eyes. The energy and love that lights up your eyes really comes from your heart.

With love and light

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