Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Do you love yourself enough?

Most of the difficulties and challenges I have had in this life are due to the fact that, despite knowing what was best for me and having an intuitive sense of the path to take at crucial moments, I failed to trust myself and follow my intuition. In short, I didn't love myself enough to trust and listen to what i was subconsciously telling myself. I damaged myself mentally by repeating mistakes over and over and by holding grudges against myself for mistakes I had made. In doing this, I really put a bit of a halt on my progress along my life's path and had quite a few years there where not only was I not going forwards, but maybe was sliding a little backwards as well.

The first person we know is ourselves. The person we know the best is ourselves, and the person we should love with all our heart, soul and being is ourselves!

After all, if we know ourselves the best...and we don't like what we see, how could anyone else?

It has taken some time, some healing and a whole lot of positive affirmations to look in the mirror and like what I see, to look into my heart and KNOW that I am a beautiful, loving, forgiving, talented and creative person worthy of love, success (in whatever form I choose) and anything else I desire. Sometimes I slip back again into the habit of self denigrations, but generally...I'm a pretty cool chick *smile*.

None of this seemed easy to me at the time, but working on my own self image and belief is one of THE most important parts of my journey to success.

There are a lot of things, circumstances and people I could "blame" for my lack of self worth and lack of trust and belief in myself, but why bother? The point is, I needed to do something about it no matter what the cause and the first step was to remove excuses, causes or reasons and just focus my intentions on improving.

There are a whole lot of different ideas about how you can learn to love yourself more and find the absolute beauty, perfection and marvelousness (yes that is a word..even if I just made it up) that makes up you and who you are. So I'll share a couple that worked for me, but persist in finding things that work for you, put everything else on hold, because this is the most important step in the journey!

Positive affirmations are a good way to start because you don't even have to believe them for them to start working. (Have a look at my post on Influences for a really good example of how affirmations changed the attitude of a lot of people if you like). Make a list of all the things you would like to think about yourself, like, "I am awesome" "I love ME" "I am beautiful and talented" "I am worthy of love" etc Make up little signs with these sayings on them and put them around your room, or even better, ALL OVER the house (this will also benefit anyone else who reads them too...bonus). Make yourself read them every chance you get. When they start to fade out of your consciousness, move them to different places and bring them back to the forefront of your mind. Trust me, while it takes some time, this works!.

Look into the mirror each morning, make eye contact with the beautiful soul looking back at you, and tell them they are wonderful (if you're a bit self conscious, say it inside your head), pretend they are a friend of yours having a hard time dealing with their life and their choices at the moment, and tell them all the things you would tell that friend. Tell them they are always forgiven for making mistakes, that they are allowed to be human, and that they can move on with love.

Make a visit in imagination land back to the little you and have a conversation about all the things you really needed to hear when you were little, all the things you wish someone had said to you...go and tell yourself, and give that little you a hug.

Ask your divine team to help you see yourself as they see you.

These are some of the things that helped me to move from self loathing to "I am AWESOME" *smile* It is such an important choice to make, if you constantly walk around with the feeling that you are worth nothing and that there is no chance of success for you, well there won't be, the universe acts on the things we think about the most and invest the most energy in. Love yourself enough to want the best for you, then actively pursue romancing yourself *big grin*

You are loved and protected always beautiful soul.

With love and light

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