Monday, 19 December 2011

Every little thing counts...

A favourite light worker friend of mine is very fond of saying, "just take baby steps, it's all about baby steps," and the like. Not only do I totally agree with this philosophy and am delighted when she takes the time to remind me of it, I embrace this as a way to get through some of the "tougher" times. The times when I am growing and learning and the energy around me is shifting and making me feel a bit....well, blah is the only way to describe it. *smile*

It is really important to look at the journey travelled and to really see what you may have achieved. I know for myself, when I am having a LOT of human moments and finding it a bit difficult to remember all the things I know about love, forgiveness and patience; when i am having to remind myself daily about the gifts I am given and being grateful for the gifts, opportunities and abundance in my life already....on those days, I take those baby steps and remind myself that every little thing counts.

So OK, I did make a frown face at the person who nearly bowled me over in the supermarket in their rush to reach the check-out first, and then I fostered some rather uncharitable thoughts about them rather than trying to be patient and with the understanding that I don't know their story...not so angelic nor divine. However, I DID give myself a mental shake a few moments later, and then I took a deep breath exhaling negativity and inhaling love and forgiveness, then I moved on....SUCCESS!

Alright, I did sigh massively and snap at my partner when he woke me with the alarm this morning, then I did think about ways to 'pay him back' for waking the three year old at 5am...oops. However, I then got up, was cheerful for the three year old's sake (no mean feat for a non morning person) and spent some time with the veggie garden consciously letting go of those impulses and sending him love...SUCCESS!

You get the picture I think???

Each day is merely made up of moments, it really is. All you really have to do to live the life you desire and to be connected to your own perfect divine and angelic self is to focus on the moment, then the next one, then the next one. Forgive when you make a mistake or act in opposition to your intentions, then look to the next moment. All of a sudden, a billion of those moments have passed, and you are unrecognisable (in a good way) from the person who focused on that first moment.

The little things make up all the big things...make the little things count.

With love and light

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