Sunday, 18 December 2011

"Tis the season...

Holiday seasons like Christmas and New years have not always been so wondrous and full of joy for me. As a child I have some amazing memories of family get togethers and camping trips (remember it's summer for us here in the Southern Hemisphere at Christmas time *smile*) and wonderful experiences. As I grew older, i became saddened that my family (as a group and not on purpose) decided that we were too old to continue the traditions into adulthood. Ba humbug to that, I don't think we are EVER too old to share traditions of togetherness and giving.

The problem I had created for myself was not that my family no longer practised traditions, it was that I relied on them to make the time joyful, giving and caring! This situation can filter into our lives quite sneakily really...moments we may perceive as being let down and that others have disappointed us may very possibly be because of the concept that we have unclear expectations and are relying on others to create these precious moments for us.

With amazing joy, I have two children to create my own traditions of joy and togetherness with and I also decided quite some time ago that my family and I have very different perceptions about these things. *smile* ...happens. So rather than relying on others to create the environment and atmosphere, with the birth of my children, that "burden", so to speak, all of a sudden was mine. I actually had to work at this at first and remind myself about the joy and wonder I experienced as a child in order to create those memories for my own.

The more important bigger picture I gathered form this though, is that experiencing joy, love, forgiveness, giving and togetherness (all of the things Christmas means to me) is not "up to" anyone else, nor is it a particular set of traditions or circumstances, although these can help to remind us of times past. All of these things are internal, they come from me; through experiencing joy and love, I influence others to experience it too, and if they don't, well it seems to me that this would be their own issue and while sad for them, does not dampen my joy in the slightest unless I allow it to.

I also feel quite strongly, that while we have certain holidays and festivals throughout the year that remind us to experience and focus on the experience of love, joy and giving, that this is actually a year round thing! Transferring those warm fuzzy holiday feelings to my everyday life has made huge changes to the way I view the world and ultimately the life I live.

Totally immerse yourself in the loving, giving and joyful experiences that represent your perfect Christmas ALL year round. These feelings aren't "up to" anyone else, they are up to you. Use this energy and the focus you have at this time of year to propel you into the future and create massive life changes all because you choose to focus on those "Christmas feelings" for the entire year!

With love and light

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