Saturday, 17 December 2011


Each light bulb moment (explained in yesterday's post) is a type of catalyst for each of us to move where we need to be in order to live our dreams. There are other catalysts though, some of which we can begin ourselves.

The process of manifesting all of the things, people, places and situations into your life that you could wish for and that you desire is really quite a simple matter and one in which we are totally in control. I know at times when i have heard this, or statements like this, that I have looked through the eyes of scepticism and phoo phooed the whole idea. However, where I am today and where I am going in the future is proof that the process works.

Creating a "dream" board with words and images representing the world you wish to create, making a list and using the power of words to create a reality, speaking of your dreams to others (those who aren't accidental dream stealer's that is) all have a tremendous impact on the future we each create for ourselves. However, the one thing I have noticed makes the most significant difference is having a catalyst.

Scientifically, a catalyst is a chemical or process (like heat etc) that makes a reaction occur faster than it normally would OR (and this is important so pay attention class *smile*) actually begins a process that would not happen otherwise!

If you've read some of my earliest posts, you would know that the significant catalyst for me living my dream as an artist and author was having a boss that bullied me so maliciously and without mercy that I had no options other than staying and going a wee bit insane, or leaving the situation. Not a nice time, a LOT of work required on forgiveness and learning. The end result was that, as I drove away from that town, I asked my team for assistance, guidance and protection, I really connected and listened hard because I was feeling a bit broken, battered and desperate not to have to repeat an experience like the two years I had endured. The message came through loud and clear, and on that two day drive, I wrote the first four books in the series....and here we are!

So, look to your "not nice" experiences and check to see if maybe they aren't a catalyst to move you on and get things happening for you.

As well as this, we can create our own catalysts. It is not enough to put your pictures on the wall and write a list! The most important thing is to TAKE ACTION! Yep, the universe will offer us all the opportunities we require and will keep doing so until we use them, our divine team will prompt us through dreams and messages ALL THE TIME, however, until we choose to take action, to pump a catalyst into the equation....well...everything will stay the same.

With love and light

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