Saturday, 17 December 2011

Light bulb moments

Each one of these blog posts represents a light bulb moment for me, and my hope is, that in some way, they may have sparked a light bulb moment in you. These are the moments where the learning is solidified, the memory recalled and the lesson is firmly entrenched in our conscious brain. I have wondered at times where these moments come from?

I mean, I know that there are specific influences such as reading a book, hearing some one talk and those type of things, but I also think that it is no coincidence or an accident that brings us to the moment in time, to hear/read the words that spark the memory, that in turn precipitate our receptiveness to the lesson or learning! That all seems like such a mouthful *smile*

These light bulb moments are actually a form of assistance from our divine team!

When you have a light bulb moment, take a second or two to say thank you to your divine team.

With love and light

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