Monday, 26 December 2011

Story Telling...

Story telling has been an important part of many cultures for Milena. It is a method used to pass on important information, traditions and cultural ideas. Story telling is a way for our young ones to learn and for our elders to pass on their knowledge.

Each day, we write a chapter in our own story as well as influencing the other "characters" we come into contact with.

I choose story telling, through this post and through the books that I write, as a way to pass on my own knowledge and understandings because of the receptiveness that we all have to a well told story (or even a not well told story *smile*). By doing this, I hope to positively influence others in the telling of their own stories, and writing their own stories.

In imagination land (a great place to visit often I find) I often see myself writing my life as a story. I think about the scene, the characters and the plot and consciously choose how the story will go. Now it doesn't always work out the way I have "written" because I am not the only author, but this form of manifesting my reality has some real positives.

When I was a child, I used to have repeated nightmares over and over again. I can still remember the nature and content of those nightmares. When telling the adults in my life, the only support they could offer was to remind me that nightmares were not real. "I know this!" I thought to myself, "but that doesn't stop the absolute terror that overwhelms me every night." When these nightmares started, I was only about 5 or 6 years old, and until this point had relied solely on adults for the "how to" of dealing with life..this is the first time I had to take control of my learning myself and find a solution to stopping the nightmares and making sure I could sleep without fear. Big job for a little girl! This is how the story telling began. It was the early 80's, so video games and movies were all the rage. As I lay down to sleep, I constructed a video store in my imagination. I would walk along the shelves looking at the selection available to me. I would make myself walk through the horror section, and tell myself that they were just movies and I could choose not to see them. I would then walk to the family section of the store, choose a happy, joyful family film to "watch", then imagine myself returning to my head. Inside my head was a video player that would directly link to my brain, my eyes and most importantly the part of my brain that controlled my imagination and my dreams. I would then insert the video, check that all the equipment was running properly and press play.

By the time I had finished this visualisation I was usually asleep or close to it. The only time I had nightmares after this, was because I had forgotten to play the right tape.

Had I asked someone in the know or been able to verbalise what it is I was doing, they might have been able to tell me that i was manifesting a reality, and retraining my brain to reject the horror and embrace the positive.

I still use the story telling message idea to retrain my brain, although now it is a far more conscious process.

What are the stories your brain leads you to believe? If a 5 year old girl can reorganise her thinking and train her brain to not engage in horror, trauma or anything negative...then we as adults most certainly can consciously employ this method.

Tell the stories of your life that are amazing, write the plot yourself, include characters that are friendly, supportive and loving for your plot. Create first in your mind and watch as the story becomes real!!!

With love and light

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