Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Whatever comes to mind...

Today I just feel the need to complete an automatic writing (typing) whereby I sit down, open a "new post" tab and get typing with no thought as to what might come out *smile*

There are often messages that float in and out of my head that I usually write down into a note book that I keep with me constantly. Generally they are just the name of a post. When it comes time to write, i type in the name and then just start typing. So in a way, every post is an automatic writing.

I find that switching off my conscious brain and merely looking at the keys on the keyboard, I always get a clear and concise message and it usually is appropriate at the time too; when I go back and read it later. This is a form of trust I guess, trust that the words I type are not just information my brain is handing me, trust that there is a divine team guiding me and absolute trust that the two fit together.

When you have a major choice to make, want to know a specific answer to a question or a solution to a problem; even if you just want to know which step comes next, automatic writing is a great way to get some answers. One of the biggest benefits to this form of communication with the divine, is that you can look back at the writing later, and the information is not lost or forgotten.

This is also a great way to get any energies, information, scenarios etc that are causing you pain or hurt out of your head and heart.You can develop a little ritual whereby you write down all the "stuff" that seems to be getting in your way and burn it using a candle, chucking it in the fire place or by any other method you feel would work for you. The imagine the difficulties you are having and all the negative associations with it floating up with the smoke and into the hands of heaven to deal with...they're good at it!

With love and light

P.S. I know it can't be me...less spelling mistakes when i automatic type than if I think about it *smile*

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