Saturday, 31 December 2011

Times of massive change

I'm not sure if you've felt it, or maybe it's just me; this current time feels like a massive time of change. Mother nature is showing us her finest, people are reassessing their lives and their futures, modes of thinking are changing and adjusting (just look at the last 50 years!!!!!!) and overall a great change seems to be pervading the world.

Today is a great time to be thinking about and doing something about our own changes and reflections. A time of fresh starts and new beginnings. Today always feels like hope personified for me, even the name "New Years Eve" holds hope. The eve of something new...awesome.

For the first time in a while, I have the house to myself for quite a few hours, my first thought was to make a beginning on a new painting or quilt...these things become a little tricky to concentrate on with the three year old helping me *smile* Instead, I kept getting flashes of "clean" and saw my house in a different state to the one it is in now, furniture moved, rearrangement of "stuff", purging and cleansing. With a rueful sigh and last look at my paint brushes and canvas, I have spent the better part of the last few hours following the not so subtle impulses of my divine team and made the reality resemble the images. Now, I am feeling refreshed, the energy in my house feels monumentally different, AND...I still have a couple of hours to get some preliminary work done on that painting!

But back to the point...I wandered off for a bit then...this is the perfect time for quiet contemplation and reflection. On New Year's eve previously, I have written out a list of the things I would like to change, popped the piece of paper in an envelope with the date on it and put it somewhere "safe" so I can open it in a year's time and surprise myself with having done everything on the list!!!! have a guess how many times I have actually been able to find the list let alone complete the things on it???? Not many.

Writing the list is only the beginning, and by putting this precious list into an envelope and stuffing it away somewhere I have signalled to the universe that I really don't place all that much importance on the things I have written; therefore, rarely (and mostly by accident if they do) have these things been achieved.

Write your list, this IS important, it's a great way to clarify your intentions and leave nothing ambiguous or open to interpretation. Don't hide your list away or relegate it to second importance, the universe and your divine team follow your lead and will do the same thing!

So this year, with all the hope that comes with the eve of a new beginning, I am making my list and I will be putting it on the fridge, the wall of my work space and on a cork board with pictures, ideas for how to go about getting there and lighting a candle!

With love and light

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