Sunday, 1 January 2012

What are you waiting for?

There is a saying I have heard and while I do not buy into the whole concept, it sparked some awesome thoughts in me today. It states: "I would rather regret things I did do, than regret things I didn't"

While life is too short and blissful to waste time on regret at all, I do really ascribe to the concept that it is better to follow your heart, take a few risks here and the, make a few mistakes and live your life to the fullest! Cliche? Probably, sounds like one even to me *smile* however, there is so much truth in this concept!

What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for the world to come to you? Are you waiting for the adventure to be risk free? Are you waiting for the perfect time or perfect situation? Are you waiting for fear to abate or for someone to walk with you? What ARE you waiting for and WHY?

Most of the time, not following your heart and your dreams comes from fear...fear makes us wait, hesitate or not even go forward at all.

There is no reason to wait, nothing that can stop everything aligning in the right place at the right time for your pure intentions to manifest themselves...the only thing stopping you, is you. It REALLY sucks to hear that doesn't it? I hated the person who told me that the first time, dismissed them out of hand and made statements like, "Well that might be fine for you, I bet you don't have to deal with all the stuff I have to deal with. You're not living my life obviously" and then the list of excuses, reasons and road blocks would appear.

I know that these words are true, no one has lived my life, no one has had the unique set of circumstances, situations and experiences as I have had...however, the learning and growth for me came when I understood, that these experiences were not road blocks, unless I chose them to be. The VERY fact that it is ME living this life, ME having these experiences, and ME dealing (or not as the case might be) with the issues of my life is the very same fact that makes it ME who decides whether I can be stopped from living my dreams or not.

A beautiful and amazing woman whom i have never even met, yet I communicate with regularly through the miracle of face book *smile* wrote a very beautiful thing on my wall yesterday, she said, "Today begins a new chapter, we write the story, but we cannot get on with the task of writing if we are still rereading the previous chapters" So simple, yet so profoundly life changing...what are you waiting for? Start writing the new chapter...don't wait, start now!

With love and light

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