Monday, 2 January 2012

The Law of attraction

This is certainly not the first time that i have mentioned the law of attraction, and while I may call it different things and talk about it in different ways, this is one of the defining principles that i used to change my perspective of the world and live a life of my own choosing rather than floating along like a leaf in the current of a fast moving river.

The law of attraction is both simple and complex; it pervades every aspect of our being and out existence...phew, heavy stuff. *smile*

Basically, the law of attraction refers to the fact that we always get more, we attract more of what we are constantly thinking and feeling the most strongly about. If you focus all of your attention on the not so great things that happen in your life, then you will receive more "not so great things" and vice versa. This is not a new concept for these posts. But it does go further than that. It also includes your subconscious thoughts and actions and the type of life you lead as well.

If you consciously choose to act always from a place of love and act with kindness and forgiveness, then the people you will attr4act into your life (mostly) will be the same kind of people; and of course the opposite is also true.

Our lives are fluid and changing things, and our every act, thought, word and deed are highly influential in deciding the directions we take whether we are conscious of them or not. As you become more sensitive to the world around you, as you grow and fill up with your own sense of purpose and the life you contracted for, then your relationships with people and your enjoyment of certain activities will change along with you. Quite simply put, you will attract people and enjoy activities that enhance your loving energy rather than those that might keep you in one place or "drag you down." (for want of a far better term)

It is a circular concept though. If you want to change the life you have and the people that surround you, focus on the positive, live always with love and forgiveness in your heart and strive to hold up your own ideals and keep those promises of love and abundance to yourself. However, you can also invite and attract love, abundance and a beautiful existence by first changing the activities and relationships that do not meet your expectations for the beautiful life you deserve to be living...see what I mean by both simple and complex *smile*

The law of attraction is a powerful concept for change. Understanding that where you focus your energy and the activities and people you give the most time to, will be what you receive more of, is instrumental in making the changes YOU feel are necessary to plant you feet firmly on the path of your choosing.

With love and light

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