Wednesday, 14 December 2011


There is one thing I know, one thing I emphatically place all of my trust and faith in and one thing I am certain about even when I am doubting myself...we are not alone in our human "struggles"

As we walk our own unique paths and as we make decisions, choices and take actions in certain directions, we are constantly guided by a team of divine beings who guard and protect our steps and do their level best to make sure that we feel loved and live a life of joy and happiness (which is ALL of our birth rights).

One thing I also know, is that for many others, this kind of (at times) blind faith in something they cannot see, is one of the most difficult things to accept about their own existence.

I have no answers for those people. I can only share my thoughts and words with you and hope that in some way you feel encouraged to seek out your team, and give them permission to enter your life in order to guide, love and protect you.

A saying that sticks in my mind (and I don't even know where it came from) states: "I can feel you, but I can't see you" I think it might have been a song I heard on the radio.

This describes perfectly the feeling I have when it comes to my connection to the divine and the relationship I have with myself.

While I cannot physically see an angel standing in front of me, I can still feel their presence all around me, and know their actions for what they are (divine interventions). I can know this because I choose to, and for me,even though that trust, that faith has been tested many times and in the harshest possible ways, this is as simple and as complex as it gets.

With love and light

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