Tuesday, 13 December 2011


The concept of beauty has certainly had consequences for us as a race hasn't it? Especially if you happen to be a teenager. Beauty is one of the MOST important concepts to teenagers, because beauty (or the perception of beauty) is about acceptance, really, that's all teenagers want when it comes down to it.

The lessons we learn about beauty when we are teenagers, stay with us for a VERY long time! These perceptions about beauty and acceptance inform the way we think about ourselves, our confidence and our perception of the opportunities we have or will have in life.

As adults, our understanding of beauty is technically far less ephemeral than when we are teenagers; we supposedly evolve from thinking beauty is only about the surface and the perception of belonging and is in actuality about every thought, word and deed!

I wonder how often this actually happens though?

Put aside perceptions of beauty. I have known some incredibly attractive and physically, classically beautiful people; however, after that initial perception and I get to know them and their way of responding to the world and others, that all of a sudden I cannot see them as beautiful any more because their thoughts, words and actions don't match the physical beauty. The same is of course true of some people in reverse. ALL of this is about perception and also about judgements.

If we put aside any preconception we may have about beauty and just accept that all thoughts, words and deeds are beautiful, then life is wonderful; we are able to shed self consciousness, image issues and so many other things.

With love and light

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