Thursday, 1 December 2011

Use sound to heal

Another one for the healing tool kit today *smile*

Sound has an amazing affect on us. We can listen to an uplifting song, sing along, smile and lift our whole energy. The opposite is also true, we can listen to melancholy music and be reduced to tears (well this is true for me anyway).

Sound can have such a profound impact on me, that I often use it as part of my healing.

I have several different CD's of music that I use sometimes during meditation, or when I want to feel calm and at peace, or when I need a lot of energy to motivate myself to finally get around to the housework. These are useful tools that i actively use to change my current energy level when I feel I need to.

There are also sounds that are natural healers; for example water sounds have always been soothing for me and nothing lifts my spirits or makes me feel better like sitting near the ocean listening to the waves come in and out. Bird song of any variety also has an uplifting effect on me as well as the laughter and playing sounds of children. I have always found the tinkle of little bells uplifting and clearing and often deliberately ring bells while walking around my house in order to help me clear my space.

Different things have different impacts on all of us. Our response to sound is based on our past experiences with that sound, so I cannot (and would not anyway) recommend any particular music or sound experience for you, quite simply because you know you best!

What I can suggest is that finding sounds that have an impact on you will be a really beneficial tool to have when you feel a little down or low on energy! On the physical side, singing along to music (even if it's not perfect pitch singing) opens your airways, makes sure your breathing is deep and full and aids in the release of serotonin's (the feel good body chemicals) to give you the boost you need.

With love and light

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