Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Ultimate liberation

One of the things that held me back from following my life path and prevented me from easily attaining my goals was the concept that I had to "fight" to "struggle" to "suffer" in order to achieve anything. Even now, I think sometimes that something was too easy, that it fell into my lap and in some small way, perhaps I hadn't earned the right to such happiness and freedom!

This is really "old" thinking, and when viewed with logic, is utterly irrational when it comes right down to it.

We are connected to the divine through our very existence whether we choose to believe it or not. We are loved, protected and looked after constantly by a team of devoted divine beings who watch our back and guide our steps. These benevolent beings don't wish to inflict harm and suffering on us???? Why would they???? They are from the divine, a place of love and forgiveness so why would they even dream of hurting us and making us suffer???? Totally illogical isn't it?

Pain, suffering, struggle...these are all human concepts, I am afraid to say, we do this to ourselves.

The great thing about coming to this conclusion is that we can let it go. We can work to remind ourselves and each other constantly, that we are not required to suffer, struggle or have pain in order for us to grow as spiritual beings. It is not necessary to go through hardship in order to reach our goals. What we can do, when the world or others visit this upon us, is to take the love from the situation, forgive others for hurting us and choose not to accept the pain and suffering that others may choose for us (or attempt to anyway). We can choose the easier path and we can act from love and forgiveness and thus make our own journey smoother as well.

It is the ultimate liberation to our spirit to let go of the concept that pain and suffering are essential to growth. We are worthy of divine assistance, of a beautiful journey and a blessed life just by the mere fact of our existence. We can choose to take the learning and growth from any situation, but given the choice of the paths to tread, I choose to enjoy my life, to live in peaceful harmony with people around me (whether they choose this or not) and to continue on my life path in the knowledge that I am worthy.

Letting your divine team, your intuition and your trust guide you, even when you are a little unsure of the direction you may be headed in at a moment in time, is one of the most liberating and joyous feelings I have ever had.

With love and light

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