Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Being centered

The most wonderful gift you can give yourself is the ability and willingness to feel centred, calm and balanced in the midst of a whole heap of "stuff." When things are not going the way you thought/hoped they might, when life seems to be taking you on an unexpected and less than welcome journey for a moment, you have a few choices about how you can respond and deal with these turn of events.

1) You can go a little loopy *smile* get really angry about the situation, lay blame, judge and all of those sort of things. Personally, I'd rather not take this option, I always feel worse and the moment seems to take a REALLY long time to pass if/when I make this choice.

2) You can trust. You can accept that this is only a moment, that perhaps in the bigger scheme of things, there is something good you can/will take away from the situation. Ask for the strength and support of your divine team, and float along blissfully waiting for the moment to pass. This is the option I would DEFINITELY like to be able to choose all of the time when this type of situation crops up. *sighs wistfully* I'm not quite there yet, I aim for this every time, however, I don't always get there...so...option three.

3) Aim for option 2! However, when this seems a little out of reach for the moment and you find yourself unable to COMPLETELY let go of the situation and trust to the divine, then take time to gain focus and recenter yourself to minimise the impact.

Take a moment to meditate for a few really deep breaths (this only takes a minute, yet it helps immensely). Close your eyes, breath in and out to the count of five. Gently pinch the pressure points around the edge of your ears (not too hard, it shouldn't hurt) the whole time thinking loving and forgiving thoughts; even if you have to think them "through gritted teeth" so to speak. Cut the cords that tie you to the situation, then start again to do whatever needs to be done. You can do this as often as you like, a million times a day if necessary to help you stay balanced and see things from a detached view point in order to keep your calm.

You may like this method, or have another that suits you beautifully. The important thing is to stop! When you find yourself getting caught up in the moment, your blood pressure rising, your heart hurting from what you are experiencing and judgements about the situation or people are starting to form....just stop, whatever it is, whenever it is...just stop and take a breath. The act of stopping, no matter which way you choose to do it, will actually release you from reacting rather than responding with your whole angelic self.

With love and light

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