Thursday, 2 February 2012

It's all about how you feel

I'm sure you are already aware that the mood you are in, really and truly does affect the outcome of situations and the immediate future! For instance, everything seems harder, takes longer and is more frustrating when you are tired, whereas, when you feel rested and refreshed after a fantastic nights sleep...well, then all those same problems become so very small, challenging and invigorating.

The common denominator here is you...and the mood you're in of course.

We can actually trick our brain into another mood. Obviously, I'm not going to pick to put myself into a tired, grumpy, cranky mood????? I would much rather view problems as opportunities to be creative, to see set backs as stepping stones and to see beauty and delight everywhere. So what do I do when I seem to have "woken up on the wrong side of the bed"?

The one thing I do NOT do is to put words to the way I feel... for example, I choose not to say, "I am SO tired today, I didn't sleep very well." or, "I really hate Monday, I wish it wasn't Monday, Monday's suck." Nothing like this is permitted to pass my the feeling words tends to make the feeling stronger. So, step number one, choose the words that match the way you WANT to feel, instead of the way you actually feel.

One really easy method for mood changing for me is music. When you sing, your vocal cords open wide, you breathe properly right down from the bottom of your lungs (especially when you are belting out your favourite tune) and you consequently flood your bod with oxygen making you feel good. On my way to work, I pop in a CD of my favourite 80's rock-out tunes, and belt those babies out at the top of my lungs (usually really badly, but who cares?) and usually this works to put me in a better frame of mind by the time I arrive.

For those really persistent moods that seem to persevere despite my choice to feel a different way, there is my 'old favourite' technique. Watching a funny/silly/kooky movie that has always made me laugh, or a beautiful classic like Mary Poppins, Bed Knobs and Broomsticks, "feel good" movies with uncomplicated plots and amazingly wonderful endings. I mean honestly, who can remain cranky while watching Mary Poppins sing "A spoon full of sugar"? or Maria sing, "The hills are alive"? (A funny book works even better *smile*)

There are quite a few more things I use as conscious mood changers like racing around the yard being a super hero with my three year old, playing with the cat, and other activities that lead to silliness on a grand scale because it is impossible to stay focused on crankiness and fatigue if you are laughing your socks off!!!

The whole point I guess, is that you actually can CHOOSE the mood you stay in. You might not decide to be in a bad/tired/cranky mood, but you can definitely decide not to stay there.

With love and light

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