Friday, 3 February 2012

Creativity gives birth to joy

Have you ever had that moment in time, when you have just completed a task...specifically one that was challenging or difficult...and felt pure joy, satisfaction and love for the job you've done and the world at large???? This is because the use of creativity in a positive and loving way creates birth to those feelings of "I can do anything."

It is a wonderful moment when something you have been aiming for comes to fruition and blossoms in front of your eyes!

I must take a brief moment to define what i mean by creativity. I am not solely talking about the arts, making and creating and designing. The act of changing one thing to another, or combining things to make something new, is how I define creativity.

In other words, whenever you complete a have shown creativity in some form or another.

So this beautiful thing called creativity resides in each of us and we do in fact, use it ever day, every time we confront any situation, make decisions, make...well anything.

We are all creative beings, it is in our very nature to create, make, change and develop and in doing so, we "give birth" to immense joy and love.

The more you use the creative you, the more joyful life get creating *smile*

With love and light

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