Sunday, 8 January 2012

The healing power of love

I read something a few days ago that seems to have stuck in my mind and mulled over and over. Someone wrote, “I am love…when I am cranky, I am love, when I make a mistake, I am love, when I am irritable, I am love…and so it is, in all things, I am love.”

I thought about this, like I said, for a few days and I have come to the conclusion that this statement is akin to the knowledge that we are all, in all of our states, moods and current moments, divine and loved beings. That at the very core of all of our beings, no matter what actions we happen to be doing at any given time, is love.

Love has such amazing healing properties. It is through love we can forgive ourselves and others when we make mistakes. It is through love that we can walk a mile in another’s shoes and gain some understanding into their point of view. Love leads us to act selflessly, to embrace difference, to put aside disagreements and to make the effort to move on. It is through love we heal and live a life that seems charmed in some way.

If nothing else I write seems to resonate or make any sense to you, take heed of this one thing…the most powerful force in the universe is love and with real love; pure and divine love, we can move mountains and heal the world of hurt! With pure and divine love anything and everything is possible because negativity cannot be present and intentions cannot be harmful.

Make every decision based on love and watch as your perception (and therefore the reality) of the world changes.

The only things that are real, come from pure, divine love

With love and light

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