Saturday, 7 January 2012

Who do I ask?

Often, well in nearly every post actually, I talk about my divine team, the group I go to for advice and answers. So I thought maybe I should introduce you to some of them *smile*

This is my team, the personification of the divine and the universal influences that make up my support group. This is my perception of who they are, what they look like, and how they operate. It is not based on any specific religious cannon, nor on the opinion of anyone else really. As it should be when it comes to things of a spiritual nature, this is my personal feelings about the divine beings that love, protect and guide me.

I’m really OK with the concept that you may or may not agree with my perception, and that your team will appear different to you…that’s how it should be, it’s your team!

Archangel Michael is the guy I work with a lot when it comes to which road to take and the decisions that lead to future career moves and the like. He’s the guy who was the witness to the contract I signed before arriving (in fact, he helped draft the contract). I see him as all in purple, with a huge sword strapped to his back. Michael is AWESOME in helping to figure out our true life’s purpose, the reason we’re here and the contract we signed. Michael has also helped me in cutting all ties to past situations that I no longer need and that may have been holding me back from moving forward. Michael is my protector when I am scared, he stands beside me and shields me from harm, creating barriers to anyone or anything that could potentially cause harm and making sure I listen to instructions involving my personal safety. An instruction to stop driving and have a rest invariably comes from Michael.

Archangel Raphael, the healer, the one in charge of health and well-being. The ‘doctor’ if you will, of the angelic realm; my hero! I work a lot with Raphael since my chosen path leads often to helping people heal in many different ways. Raphael I see as being surrounded by green light and whenever healing is required or asked for, I use the green light of Raphael to surround the situation or people involved. An instruction to focus on my eating and sleeping habits, to stop work for a while or to take some time out for myself invariably comes from Raphael.

Archangel Gabriel is golden and beautiful with the gift of the gab *smile* When I really don’t know what to say or how to say it, I ask Gabriel. The messenger of the angelic realm, Gabriel ALWAYS knows what to say and how to say it…very handy skill. Gabriel also works with me when I am working with children, particularly the students I teach who are in some way wounded and in need of help. I silently invoke her help in supporting and guiding these precious souls. Gabriel is a nurturer and helps me to fulfil this role when it is required of me.

There are plenty of others I could mention, but these three are my constant companions through thick and thin at all times. It helps me to visualise my team, to perceive them with traits such as hair and eye colour as well as personalities and other identifying characteristics. Each of my team has a specific role to play when I ask their help, a role I have assigned them and asked them to fill.

Who do you work with most often? I’d love to meet your team.

With love and light



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    1. Hello Erin! Delighted to meet you and I am really glad to hear you like my blog posts :D.

      Up the top right hand side of the blog page there is an email subscribe box that will mean you are sent a copy of the post as it is published if you like.
      Generally speaking, there is a new post daily, with a couple of exceptions.

      As well as this, I have a facebook page you can "like" and each time I post, I put a small excerpt on the Facebook page and the link to the new post.

      I hope this is helpful