Friday, 6 January 2012

If I could be...

When you were little, I am sure someone asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up? I am also sure you had a response of some kind…Superman, Queen of the Faeries (or was this just me??), a Princess, an Astronaut, a Lawyer, a Doctor, a Teacher…the world was yours, there were no limits, no practicalities like how you were going to afford to pay for your university degree or how you might find the faeries and marry the prince so you could be queen someday. When you were little, you just knew that’s what you would do, no questions asked, no boundaries or limitations…it just was!

What happened? When did you decide that there were limits to what you could do and be? At what point did the “world” at large teach you that you were silly to think you could be any of these things, that you were not worthy of your dreams perhaps, or that your dreams simply were not possible? When were you “forced” to see that you had been living in a fantasy and it was time to wake up and grow up?

I’d like you to play a game with me now…come on, games are fun and big people can play too… I want you to come to work with me at Imagineering Inc. (it’s a little bit like visiting the Wonka factory *smile*). As an employee at Imagineering Inc. there is a code of conduct, like all other work places; certain expectations of all employees that must be strictly adhered to!

1.       At Imagineering Inc. there are no limits and the word “impossible” is banned from use by all employees.

2.       All employees are asked to forgo the ‘unhealthy’ practice of thinking of all the reasons why a dream CANNOT work, and are asked to apply themselves to the healthy and productive task of finding the reasons why a dream WILL work.

3.       All Imagineering Inc. employees must spend time dreaming BIG dreams of their future, not tiny little “I want a bright new toothbrush” kind of dreams (although new toothbrushes ARE awesome), but great big, “I want to create a world community of people who care” kind of dreams.

4.       All employees are expected to put their dreams into writing and pin them to the wall.

5.       Finally, employees of Imagineering Inc. are asked to detect the dream stealers aongst us, and blow BIG raspberries at them, scientifically proven to dismiss dream stealers and send them back to their own offices at Igiveup Inc.

Working at Imagineering Inc. has proven highly beneficial in realising some of my more “impossible” dreams. I adhere to the code of conduct at all times when decision making about my future path and career…how about you?

Come and join part of the team here at Imagineering Inc. you’re perfect for the job, no prior experience necessary.

With love and light


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