Thursday, 5 January 2012

Sacred space

My garden space
Setting up a retreat space, a sacred space, a space where you can go when you feel a little vulnerable and hurt is a really valuable healing tool. For some it is a little place where they put precious things, for others it may be an entire room or building; what matters is that you have a physical space where you an relax, let go of negative emotions and let the healing begin.

My three year old just recently commandeered some of my canvas and paint (I was NOT impressed to begin with) to create his "art show" ...those are his words, not mine. At this point I became more curious than I was annoyed that he had taken my things without consulting me. I watched as he created these amazing, colourful and interesting designs with purpose, and to him, meaning. When he was complete, I asked him what he was going to do with them. He replied that he was hanging them in his room, around his bed to make it feel better.

Instinctively he knows to make the space his. This is where he sleeps, where he spends time playing and being, and he wanted it to "feel better". I willingly gave up the canvas and paint and helped him to fix his art work to the wall. I also know, that when it doesn't "feel right" to him, he will remove the canvas and do something else.

For me, I have a couple of places that are special to me, that I hide in when I feel the need for protection and comfort. The main area for me is my garden. I love the feel of plants all around me, the air seems fresher and more alive. Sitting among the plants, I find it very easy to let go of the thoughts that are troubling me and the emotions that no longer serve my purpose.

Find a place, or create a makes no difference...the important thing is that there is at least one space that you can retreat to when you need to love, protect and nurture yourself.

With love and light
One of fantastic paintings my little one created for his space.

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  1. I almost cried at the art work your 3 yr old created. It was so pure and such a connection to the Essence. Roxanne you are blessed beyond Rubies.

    Hello from San Francisco Bay, California. I live in Marin County north of the Golden Gate. Lots of creative folks...George Lucas facilities are just minutes down the road from our community. Lots of our neighbors work for Lucas Film. Some at his San Francisco Letterman facilities.

    I'm bookmarking your blog and will follow you in 2012. G'day! <3 WD