Wednesday, 4 January 2012

What if you don't like the answer?

Quite frankly, I have avoided writing this post for a while now. I got a really strong impulse to write to this topic about three weeks ago, and have studiously tried to ignore it since. I think because it is such a difficult thing to explain…but I’ll do my best since it seems that the thought won’t go away no matter how I try to ignore that it’s there *smile*

There have been times when I have asked a question of my divine team, or sought their guidance on some topic or another and have received a message I didn’t like or didn’t want to follow. My first response has always been to think, “We’ll that must be my ego talking, not my divine team of helpers, because I don’t like that response at all.” Times whe I have been told to leave a situation when what I really thought I “should” do is stay. Times when I have walked away rather than stand and fight, times when I was asked to turn left when I wanted to turn right so to speak. All manner of things big and small at times that I have chosen to put down to my ego talking rather than my team or my heart.

Resisting the impulse to follow the direction in which I am/have been led, I have exercised my right to free will. I am most definitely allowed to choose the direction I take despite any guidance I have been blessed to receive to the contrary. This is exactly what I have done more times than I can count easily.

The result is fairly predictable…I usually end up following the guidance I was first given eventually anyway, and usually, all manner of things happen in the mean time that I may have preferred to avoid. By not following my “gut instinct” and my intuition, I have got myself into more, shall we say “unfavourable” (?) situations than had I just listened the first time. Luckily my divine team are a patient and forgiving bunch, because they never say “I told you so” (that is a human trait) and they never abandon me to my fate because I ignored the guidance I was given in the first place.

There are a lot of “for instances” I could give you on this one, but really, we each have our own and if you think about it for a few minutes, you’ll think of a time when instinctively you thought about the path that would take you in the direction you would find the best results, and then you ignored the impulse and found out later why the other path was actually the best one even though you didn’t see it at the time.

I am still given guidance I don’t particularly like, but instead of thinking it is my ego talking, I instead think about why I am resisting the urge to go a certain way. Sometimes I am asked to do things that seem really hard, make decisions that I feel will be difficult. At these times, I remind myself that I am only aware of the smallest part of the whole picture and am limited in my ability to see all the possible outcomes. I ask for the message to be repeated again to make sure (I am human after all *smile*) and if a certain impulse won’t leave me, and I see more clearly with each one that this is the path I am asked to take, then I grit my teeth and do it despite my human misgivings. It has always worked out for the better in the end, by following the path I have been guided to, even though I may not like it, I have ALWAYS ended up better off for it. One example I will give you was a direct instruction to go to the dentist (you can read about this in full in a really early post about Raphael and conquering fear if you want to). My teeth were so bad I hadn’t eaten properly in months, however my fear was bigger than the pain, so I didn’t go. Finally, begging my team for some relief from the pain and instructions on what to do, I dreamed and saw signs day and night about the dentist (they’re a persistent group) until I gave in, made an appointment and went. I was terrified, but with the support of my divine team, I did it anyway and it turned out marvellously for me. This is one of the smaller examples, one in which I did eventually follow the guidance I was given…happy ending!!! Not always though, sometimes I have learnt things the ‘hard way’.

In the end it comes back to trust. When you ask the divine for an answer, be prepared to listen. The divine doesn’t lie or tell you what you want to hear, they just tell the truth and offer guidance. We still get to choose which direction we take. If you want someone to confirm what you are already thinking, ask a human friend, if you want the truth and guidance based on far more information than we have available to us…ask the divine and be prepared that you may not like the answer.

With love and light


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