Sunday, 29 January 2012

A moment on hope

There is one thing that can cure many ills be they worry, abandonment, grief, tragedy, turmoil, uncertainty any of these things and more. That cure is hope!

With something to hope for or have hope in and with, the impact of all of the above becomes so much less.

To have hope that the next moment will be better and that this moment will pass, to have hope that there will be fun, delight and joy in your heart sometime in the future. To hope that angels walk beside you sharing your grief and offering comfort, to have hope that you are not alone.

Hope alone has the power to bring healing to billions and through this feeling, bring healing and a reason to hope.

Hope and love combined are unstoppable forces once they get rolling and they quickly surpass and totally eclipse the strangle hold of fear and guilt.

Take a moment to remember the pure and as yet untarnished hope of your childhood. Try to remember the first moment you were disappointed, when something taught you that hope was childish and futile and that it was time to grow up and "live in the real world". Then, with all the power of love and the divine on your side, cut the ties holding you to that situation!

There is every reason in the world to have hope.

We live in a time when more and more people begin to understand the plight of their neighbours and have empathy, where more and more people choose to speak out against those things that endanger others and lend a hand. Even though we have only begun this journey as a global community, even though there are MANY more miles to go before all people truly are equal and the rights of all are recognised with love and forgiveness rather than grudging resentment...we have tread the first few important steps....this is a fantastic reason to hope.

In this hope comes the key to accelerating the journey exponentially so that a time of harmony can be attained all the faster, maybe not in our life times or those of our children, but hope shines brightly that the time will come.

Deep in the core of my being, alongside love and my connection to the divine, lies the driving force behind all of my actions...that is the power of hope.

With love and light

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