Saturday, 28 January 2012

Story Telling

The thing we all share and have as a part of our ancestry and our history is not only that we are all a combination of elements released at the dying of a star (although that is really cool!), we all tell stories. Stories that help us grow, teach us, say things with meaning, emphasis and feeling, help us feel comfort and relay empathy, so MANY things.

Story telling is one of the things we can use to help us heal and to heal others. Telling your story, the one unique to you, even if you don't share it with many people (or any people), helps to release the things of the past we don't need anymore or have to keep tied to us. Telling your story may help others to feel they are not alone. Telling a story can bring laughter and joy.

We are all story tellers!

What an amazing thing. This is a skill that requires nothing other than you, and yet, it brings joy, health, healing and comfort in so many different ways.

As you may be able to tell...I LOVE telling a story! *smile* Some of them a bit sad, some of them in order to teach, some of them to share the knowledge's and experiences that have helped me through and helped me grow so that maybe others can benefit. and some of them just to get a laugh.

Everyone has a story worth telling.

Tell your story with love, compassion and joy. Share your experiences whether you think they are good or 'bad' because everything you say has value. There is no need to embellish, you as you are, is enough. Through the sharing of stories, we become closer.

With love and light

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