Friday, 27 January 2012

The inspiring divine

I am delighted all of the time at the amazing synchronicity that happens when just a moment, a fleeting glimpse, a snatch of conversation or a part of a song can send me immediately into a task I had no idea that I had even thought about before or intended on starting!

In times past, the muse was the angel or divine being who would sit on the shoulder of a creator and give them inspiration to start or finish their latest project.

I love that the entire universe is one huge, magnificent and wonderful muse!

All we have to do to tap into the enormous font of creative and inspiring energy is to open our eyes, hearts and minds to really look. So easy.

All around us every day in a multitude of different ways, we are being offered inspiration and creative impulses that help us to feel good, make decisions, take the right path, see a window opening or realise one has closed for a reason.

It is simple to identify these "magical" and inspiring signs and differentiate them from just coincidence...lean in close and I'll whisper the secret *giggle*...

If you think and feel with your heart that you are being given guidance and inspiring signs by your divine are!

With love and light

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