Thursday, 26 January 2012

Guilt free

Guilt is one of those crippling emotions that comes wholly and solely from our human minds. Only we could come up with a way to "punish" as effectively as guilt. The divine don't punish, they guide and comfort. So...we did this to ourselves.

Guilt serves a bit of a duel purpose I think.

There is the feeling of guilt we apply to ourselves when we feel we have done something inappropriate. If applied gently, and only to ourselves, this kind of guilt is a little reminder that maybe we have gone away from what we believe to be right. Of course we know that if we act contradictory to our own moral compass too often and for too long this will possibly be damaging to us. So in this sense, a little guilt as a reminder, is not necessarily a bad thing providing that we feel it, forgive and then move forward with pure intentions.

Guilt, as it is applied by others, or excessive self recrimination are far more harmful than helpful in my opinion. Guilt in this sense has the same crippling effect as fear. It stops us short of making new paths, doing what we feel is right for us despite popular opinion, and a whole host of other inharmonious things.

There are a few secrets to living "guilt free" that I use. They're not really secrets you know *smile* just information that not a lot of people have come across yet.

I practise the art of "cord cutting" on a regular basis. When I feel a twinge of guilt (usually accompanied by a sick, twisting feeling in my tummy) I know it is time to stop, take a few deep breaths and ask the assistance of my divine team to remove emotional attachment to the situation, to heal the hurt and enable me to move on. It is AMAZING the benefits that accrue in such a short time by doing this regularly. It only takes a moment, but the benefits...phew...out of this world.

Love and forgiveness are key factors to living guilt free too. Making the choice to act only from a place of love is a wonderful way to ensure that your choices and actions don't lead to feeling guilty about anything. When you act out of love, with pure intent and listen to the guidance you are given through your divine team, then there will be nothing for you to be "guilty" for.

When you, or anyone else, makes a mistake, it is so important for you to make the choice to forgive. Forgiveness is a choice, and in those situations where it seems harder than at other times, ask your team to jump in and lend a hand. Helping us to forgive ourselves and each other is their core business *laugh* it is through this action that we heal our hurts and can live guilt free, happy and enriched lives.

Holding on to feelings of guilt really only causes us harm. It doesn't fix anything, change anything, make anything better...all it does is make us fearful and hurt.

We are humans, we do make errors in judgement, guilt only serves to punish, and it is NEVER the intent of the divine to punish.

With love and light

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