Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The strength of your commitment

Someone said to me once, in a motivational speech that I was listening to, that once you make a commitment to do something, the universe will find ways to test your commitment!

This sounded a little diabolical to me at the time, and I don't think that this is true. I believe that once you make a commitment to do, say, be or change in a particular way, that the universe will ALIGN itself to helping you achieve your purpose.

I wonder then what they really meant by this.

One of the things that comes into my mind is something else I have heard (not sure where to be honest) and that is that you can tell the strength of someones commitment and their true character in times of stress.

In other words, when you're under pressure and all stressed out over something, you usually (I know I certainly am) are acting via instinct and reacting to things rather than giving a considered response. Therefore, your 'real' self comes out at those times if for some reason you have not shown 'it' before.

I guess the first statement makes sense if you had no real commitment to the path you chose to tread at any given point in time. Your mind would shy away from doing anything "hard" or "extra" when you are stressed, so you may turn away at these times??? In this context, it makes sense.

I certainly know myself, that when times seem to be a little difficult for the moment in time that I am in, it is sometimes tempting not to go the extra mile for people, or to judge (Come on...just one nasty thought about someone else??????? *Divine team shakes their head and sighs knowing full well I don't mean it*) or to take the "old" path that has been trodden for longer than the new.

However, in these so called tough times, when maybe it would be easier to think I made my divine team up from my imagination, that I maybe have some type of split personality or something equally as unlikely, that "easier" path is not easy at all in the long term. Only for so long as it takes for me to realise that judgement hurts me, that forgiveness while seemingly harder, is more beneficial and easier in the long run. These are actually the times when I ask my team for the most help, when I am in constant communication asking for guidance, patience and the understanding that I am only in a single moment and the one after it will be better and easier.

I do NOT believe for one second that we are tested by the divine in some way to see if we pass the test of faith.

I DO believe that when inharmonious things happen (and they do...we have to live amongst other humans and we are human too) that the strength of our commitments to ourselves and our divine team are the very things that will see us through the moment quickly and easily.

With love and light

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