Sunday, 22 January 2012

To Whom it may concern,

To the dear, beautiful, blessed and unique being reading this letter,

I just wanted to take a moment to jot down a note in order to remind you of a few things, and to touch base with you.

I am wondering if you realise what an amazing impact you have had on my life and the lives of all of those around you? Your strength, courage and belief are an inspiration. Your smile and enthusiastic energy is a welcome change from the sadness and business that seems to surround a lot of people these days.

I am also wondering if you realise exactly how special you are? The world has many people in it and all of us are unique and precious individuals with HUGE amounts to offer the world. Do you realise, that every moment that you are here, you make an astounding difference? That people go to sleep at night and place the fact that they know you on their "things to be grateful for" list? Did you know that even when you think you have achieved nothing for the day, the week, or maybe even the year, the very fact that you interact with the world has made significant changes for others without you even knowing it?

Do you know there are an entire host of divine beings applauding your greatness, celebrating your victories, supporting you and offering you comfort when you think you have failed? Did you know that even when you THINK you have failed at something, that you have inspired learning for others, that you have achieved greatness in other ways than you may have expected?

Do you know, that no matter what decisions you make, what you do or don't do, what you succeed at or think you have failed at, no matter what you think, you are LOVED unconditionally, supported loyally and faithfully and constantly guided on your life journey.

Precious being, I just wanted to write this letter to you to remind you that you are loved, and that even though we may never have met, or I may not even know your name, your in my thoughts often, that I send my loving and healing energy your way when you need it, and my heart is open.

With love and light

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