Sunday, 5 February 2012

Actions speak SO loud

Many times in my life journey, as I am sure is the same for a lot of you, I have come across cattiness, backstabbing and exclusion. I'm not talking about the teenagers I spend my days with either more's the pity. This is a part of their development and we are supposed to see the consequences of these actions and grow out of it.

It is so very unfortunate that some people never do. My heart goes out to these people, for it is only through a lack of self worth and an inability to see through the eyes of love and forgiveness that anyone could possibly behave in this manner. I find that really sad and it hurts my heart.

When confronted by people who act in this manner, my usual response is to send them love energy and go my own way without a glance backwards. For while I have empathy and understanding, i still will not condone, encourage or otherwise subject myself or anyone else to this treatment.

There have been times though that contact is unavoidable.

In these times I find myself often confronting the person's behaviour and asking them to explain their actions (a little judgemental on my part) or at the very least, to consider the consequences and the possible outcomes of their actions.

Most of the time, I don't really know what action would be best, mainly because I don't think in this way and therefore cannot anticipate these actions or walk a mile in the other persons shoes. I will simply never understand the need some people seem to choose to put down someone else or act negatively in this way.

So today a plea, consider the consequences of these actions; consider the impact of injecting negativity, cattiness, backstabbing and exclusion into the world. A lot of people do this unthinkingly and even unwittingly. Consider for a moment the pain and harm that can be cause simply because it didn't occur to you (or anyone else) to say good morning to the new staff member and make them feel welcome. Or because someone appeared different, you decided to keep your distance for a while rather than embracing everyone unless they gave you a reason to keep your distance.

I know there is a fine balance between letting people into your space and becoming life long buddies in the first meeting, and sharing a moment with someone you don't know in order to make them feel welcome.

The difference you can make to a person by putting aside any mistrust and embracing them is astronomical!

With love and light

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