Monday, 6 February 2012

The times...they are a changing!

I have the most amazingly joyous feeling in my soul as I sit down tonight to write this post. A small glimpse of our collective future, a moment in time where I can very clearly see, feel and just know that the times we live in are changing.

I notice the small things a lot, not to stress over, not to obsess over, but to revel and delight in. I noticed today that there was far less negative "stuff" happening in my work place. I noticed that my students have only taken a few weeks to embrace my philosophy of practise in the classroom (100% focus on doing the best you can do, on respect for self and others and on preparing for a wonderful future) and are responding delightfully. I notice today the way that less of my vegetable plants are under attack from the various veggie eating bugs that inhabit far north Queensland. I notice the way my house has stayed tidy for a week now, and my four year old (he had a birthday yesterday) seems to be fighting me less and acknowledging me more. I notice today how pretty the afternoon light is and how much fun it is to draw pictures in the garden.

Today my heart sings and is full of hope because I KNOW that things are happening.

I know the world where commercialism before humanitarianism, where self interest eclipses love of others and where 'win at any cost' became a motto to live by IS on it's way out.

Close your eyes for a moment and let your senses range out around you. "Feel" the energy of hope permeating the trees, rocks, and animals as well as humans. I feel a little silly saying this, however, I just feel it is so true.

Such a clear message today from one of my favourites in my divine team...Jophiel reminds us about the hope we feel in the morning and at the dawning of something new. She reminds us to feel afresh the love of the first moments and hold on to the feeling.  To choose love above all else and dismiss from our reality anything that does not fit into a harmonious view of each other and the world.

I truly feel like singing today, nothing in particular has happened, nothing 'seems' to have changed and yet, my heart is filled to bursting and I know that a change is upon us. *Big deep breath* Hope, such a powerful tool for the most amazing changes; a unifier!

With love and light

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