Sunday, 19 February 2012

Leading with passion and interest

Sometimes I really do wonder why people all around the globe actually take a moment out of the day every day, to read what I have to say *smile* I am truly grateful, humbled and honoured no matter what each persons reason for reading...however, I am a curious being too. 

It occurred to me today, that one of the things I know and aim to live every moment of the day is the concept of leading from the front. As a teacher the implications of this are obvious; I cannot expect the students I teach to display courtesy, good work ethic, enthusiasm or any other trait that I am not displaying myself. This is also true in SO many other contexts though.

Work...we are boring, necessary, hard and all of those other things that make us want to stay away from it or view work as a negative thing.

However, it doesn't have to be this way at all. Even if, for the moment, you find yourself working in a place or at a job that you don't think aligns perfectly with your life's purpose, it still doesn't have to be boring, hard or any other negative thing.

It is only a matter of perspective and a shift in your attitude towards the situation that can change the whole deal, and what's more, can change the opinion of others working with you. which then feeds back to you, and you to them and so on.

If you find yourself feeling a little anxious or unwilling to go to work due to the environment, the type of work or anything else, the first thing I would advise you to do (if you asked me that is) is change jobs! 

This is not always immediately possible though. So, start by thinking of the reasons you go to work...why is that money important enough to you that you would go somewhere you don't like, every day? Is it to support your family? To save for a house or your dream holiday or because you like the freedom of choices the money gives you otherwise. In other words, what reasons do you have to feel grateful that you have a job and are able to earn the money you do?

Then have a look at attempting to change your perspective by walking a mile in the shoes of someone who is incapable or unsuccessful in gaining employment.

Sing when you don't want to be at work, create and perpetrate random acts of kindness for the other people in your work place, hang a picture of your divine team on the wall or office space, smile at EVERYONE (especially those you don't get on with), do this everyday, do it because you know in the end it will help you and others, and before you know it....while you may not be happy about going to work perse, you may at least be less unwilling and you may have made others feel less unwilling too because you have led from the front.

With love and light

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