Saturday, 18 February 2012

Randomly beautiful and grateful

What a funny title...not sure who that one came from but it is beautifully quirky, weird and delightful...EXACTLY how I feel in this moment *big smile*

Today has been one of those days where every single thing I came in contact with today reminded me of the divine and gave me something to be grateful for. These things happen all the time of course, however, for EVERYTHING in a day to be this inspiring...that's a day to give thanks for.

The day started at 6am with my four year old having snuck out of bed, got bread out of the freezer and made me toast for breakfast in bed because (and I quote) "I love you so much my Mummy and I love to make you toast." I assure you, no one coached him to do this.

I read a status update of a friend on Facebook, and as per usual with this persons posts, my soul was uplifted, filled with love and somehow enriched just to know someone so divine.

I went for a drive to go shopping (closest large shopping area is one and a half hours drive away) and was stopped at road works all along the way. I saw so many things that I normally miss because I am focused on the drive. I got to read a sign I have been attempting to read on the way passed for about 2 years! So satisfying to finally read to the end.

I found all of the products I was after for exactly the right price in a really timely fashion. Everyone was friendly and cheerful at the stores as well...I am about ready to sing a few bars of the hallelujah chorus at this point.

I got home and had a 2 hour, glorious conversation with a very dear friend that was awesome and full of light energy.

I started the lawn mower on the first go and was so excited I mowed my neighbours yard as well for a surprise.

While I was out mowing the lawn I witnessed the most amazing pink sunset.

My four year old was a cherub and a beautiful light being who brushed his teeth, read a story then hopped into bed all without argument even though he devoured a chocolate iced donut just minutes before!!!!!!!!

AMAZING day with a thousand other things in it that made me see, understand, feel and acknowledge the beauty of our divine world.

With love and light

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