Friday, 17 February 2012

Self harmonising

Each of us has our own internal relationship with the divine. Each of us thinks and feels about this differently and while we may share some things in common, our personal relationship with the divine, spirit, the essence of the global mind, the universe (whichever you like to view this as) is as unique as our DNA; maybe even more so actually.

There is no right or wrong answer, way of viewing or being when it comes to our relationship. Some may prefer to pray, while others meditate, and yet others still may choose to just 'be'. 

I LOVE this thought!

As a child, I could not accept a God that would punish people and yet say that we must love each other and honour each other to show our love for him????? In my adult mind, this makes no sense either...monkey see, monkey do! I realised though, that this concept of a "punishing God" was not actually a FACT! Imagine my shock *smile* This concept was a HUMAN construct. The people who told me God would punish me, or send me to "hell" because I was a sinner...well this was their own understanding of the divine, and they tried to convince me this was true.

I don't acknowledge the picture of a vengeful, fire and brimstone God at all! Nope...that's not MY God. However, I also don't discard all of the beautiful things I was taught by the same people who tried to convince me of their view point. I love the singing, the joy and the beauty that was shown me at the same time as the fury, anger and vengeance.

I guess the point I am trying to make is that each of us consciously makes a decision about the way we choose to view the world and our relationship with the divine. I personally don't participate in ANY institutionalised religion because NONE of them match my very own view of divine. I don't ascribe to New Age either, I am not an agnostic, and atheist, a catholic or Christian. 
I am ME, and I believe with all of my heart that we are part of a bigger picture, that we are supported and loved by the divine. I do not condemn or judge anyone for their picture of the divine because that is their choice and decision to make. I also do not choose to "throw the baby out with the bath water" so to speak. Just because the whole picture that others have does not match what I see, I choose to acknowledge and accept those parts that do.

If I wanted to put my belief in a box (which I most definitely don't!!!!!!!!!!!) I could say I was a Buddhist, Catholic, Christian with strong Wicca spiritual about that for a conundrum? *laugh*

Believe in whom and what you want to believe, because your relationship with the divine is personal and sacred to you.

With love and light

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