Friday, 10 February 2012

The passage of time

Divine timing...I both LOVE this concept and am also not always so fond of it either. Basically put, there is a whole team of divine beings who are guiding and helping each one of us. They know ALL the details about EVERYTHING. I am not just talking about everything to do with you personally, but everything about everything and everyone (ever heard the saying about knowledge being power?). I think one of the main attributes of the divine must be the ability to hold infinite amounts of information and tiny details about infinite things in your mind all at once! This team listens to you and the wishes, requests and desires you have and they guide you and urge you in the right direction to walking the path you agreed to for this life time. They give signs, prod, poke, cajole and anything else that is necessary to help you. However, and this is the most frustrating bit at times, they do so with perfect timing...not our timing.

This may mean that you have to wait, be patient, to trust and relax in the knowledge that your team is taking care of the details...big ask for an impetuous, controlling type personality (yes, I am admitting to these traits).

I have experienced many occasions where just waiting and doing nothing has actually turned out to be to my best advantage; also I have experienced many occasions where I would NOT wait and rushed in impatiently only to have to wait anyway, as well as work on forgiving myself the mistakes I made by not waiting.

While I KNOW in my deepest heart that all I have to do is be patient, take each step as it is shown to me, and move patiently forward in order to achieve all of my life goals and fulfil my life's purpose, I have to admit to the human condition of impatience with this process at times *smile*

Take a moment when you are feeling frustrated with this to remind yourself that you are not in this have a whole team guiding you. What's more, they have a whole lot more information on the subject than you do. 

With love and light

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