Saturday, 11 February 2012

Love and our pets

Pets have such a magical and healing property. They love us unconditionally, they are able to listen without judgement and they share their energy with us in unexpected and marvellous ways.

Your pet, no matter whether it is a cat, dog, horse, cow or elephant has a contract with you the same as any human being you come into contact with. They are part of your journey and you of theirs.

It stands to reason then that they walk in and out of your life as they are needed.

Our kitten wandered into our place a few days before Christmas this year. I was determined she was not to stay, that she had to go back to her family. She looked well loved and looked after and was not a feral cat. We took photos and put up posters around town. After two weeks, we found her human "mum" who said she would come and get her as soon as possible.....still waiting for it to be possible.

We now have a new family member.

She is not going to win any prizes for Miss Congeniality at all, not really the personality that suits being in this house with a sometimes raucous boy child...however, she has decided she is staying and that we have some work to do together.

She makes me laugh hysterically with her antics. She attacks me unmercifully (thinks she is a panther stalking prey through the corn stalks in my garden) and has unaccountably decided she doesn't fight with the neighbours cats. She sits at my feet when I am working, takes my pencils to play with, has photocopied herself by pressing buttons on my printer and condescends to 'snuggle' with my four year old and let him pat her only if food is on offer.

Over all...she's our friend, and she brings healing just by being in our lives and being her.

We can learn so much from our pets.

With love and light

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