Sunday, 12 February 2012


There are times when people act deliberately to hurt us. They willingly do or say things that will have a negative impact on us. They may also leave themselves vulnerable for retaliation.

It is a natural response to being hurt...getting 'them' back, hurt them as they hurt you and so on. It is a part of the fight or flight response mechanism that our bodies developed while not quite walking upright in order to help us to compete in a hostile and predatory world. It stands to reason then that our initial response to being hurt is to fight back using the same tools.

However, we have actually developed passed the point of having to act on this instinctive response.

When looked at from another angle, if we retaliate towards a person who has actively engaged in activity to hurt us, are our choices any better than the ones they made?

I love the saying, "The way people act towards us is their Karma, the way we choose to respond is ours."

At some point, one has to accept responsibility for our actions and our choices. I want to be really happy with mine, and so, when someone hurts me, I choose to send them love, forgive them their actions and me my thoughts of vengeance, and walk away. It is all I can do. I cannot choose the actions of others, I cannot know necessarily the motivation for their actions. I can only feel saddened that those choices were made, and suspend judgement in favour of forgiveness.

Is this always easy????? Nope, it's not. Sometimes, it seems impossible for a moment or two. With the help of my divine team, forgiveness is never impossible and even becomes easier.

Resist the understandable temptation to fight fire with fire when someone hurts you. Someone has to be responsible for breaking the cycle. I would like to think, that when people hurt me, that I can be the one who walks away and acts from love. It doesn't always happen that way of course, but is in the decision making, and constantly taking actions to meet that decision that I find I grow.

With love and light

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