Monday, 13 February 2012

Boundaries set with love and pure intent

I know I have talked about this one before, however, I do feel this is a topic worth discussing more than once. I love my current Boss and his work philosophy. Teaching is one of those industries that seems to facilitate burn out. So much to do, in fact, no matter how much we do, there is always more that we could have or feel we "should" have done to encourage and promote learning. It is a bottomless pit that you could pour yourself into forever and still not fill. There are other jobs that are identical to this as well such as health care workers, social workers and so many more I probably remain unaware of. 

My new Boss said this in our staff meeting recently:

"You do the best you can knowing that you are the key factor for student outcomes. However, having said that, you are no good to us or to the kids, if you do not look after yourself as well. Keep us informed if you are having a problem because then we can help and support you. If you burn out, no one wins."

At this point I nearly leaped off my seat and launched into the hallelujah chorus *smile*

Not just in the work place, but ALWAYS, it is important to set boundaries around what others (and yourself) are asking you to do. There is simply no point in constantly giving to others and neglecting your own needs. All this does is encourage your brain to feel resentful and drown out the love messages of your heart. When you are over tired, every issue becomes bigger and more difficult to solve. When you are heart weary from constantly supporting others without nurturing and caring for yourself, then you cease to care about what happens to either. When you do not take the time to recharge your batteries and nourish your soul with activities, time and other 'things' that make you feel like singing out loud, then you are unable to carry on the work indefinitely.

This is about love; love of self and love of others. Taking time to care for you ensures you have the energy and spirit to care for others too.

Deliberately, consciously, lovingly set boundaries on the time you spend in all areas of your life to make sure that there is equal time for others and for you.

With love and light

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