Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The virtues of sleep

I thought I would share with you the routine that my four year old and I complete before bed. Other than his bath and teeth brushing that is *laugh*

After reading a story, he lies down and snuggles his favourite toy (a stuffed toy lamb called Roast) and then together we imagine the green light of Archangel Raphael surrounding him to take away any little cuts and scrapes or illness. We then imagine the purple light of Archangel Michael and the gold light of Archangel Gabrielle and call on them to protect him as he sleeps. I wish him good night and he drifts off to sleep in a matter of minutes, usually singing.

I have a similar ritual myself, however, I also ask that all ties to earthly things be cut so I can sleep without worry and begin fresh the next day. I also take a moment to spread love energy across the globe and to thank the divine for the wonders of the day.

Sleep is not just physically necessary, but also spiritually. It is through sleep and dreams that we can receive our strongest messages and learn from our divine team. Sleep strengthens us for the day to come and allows us to walk into a new day with confidence, rigour and the ability to better handle any situation.

Most things can wait...don't deprive yourself of the healing properties of sleep by not getting enough. When we sleep for the required 8 hours (or longer sometimes) our bodies and minds are stronger and more resilient.

With love and light

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