Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Angelic Surgery

As you know, from reading yesterday's post, I had a bit an ordinary day yesterday where I chose to be VERY human instead of following the path I willingly choose for myself. 

Now that I have had some time to reflect, I have come to some understandings about this situation and just maybe, a strategy for reducing the likelihood of this kind of day again. *crosses her fingers*

You see there is a person in my life who I perceive to be seeking opportunities to trap me into being human, to judge, to retaliate, to get frustrated and angry and fearful and all of those other human things.  This is not someone I can just walk away from or steer clear of. I found myself devoting an awful lot of time to thinking about this person, to dwelling on how they had done me an injustice and treated me effect, I gave their choice of actions complete power over my well being and state of being. Not only that (and perhaps worst of all) I invited others to join in by relaying stories about what had happened and asking (although not actually asking) others to sympathise with me and help me to justify these feelings *cringe*

As I lay down to sleep last night, I felt a little disappointed in myself for falling into this trap, I went to sleep safe in the knowledge that my divine team would help me to better deal with this situation in an angelic and divine manner rather than in a human one, and that I was forgiven for any actions I may have taken that did not reflect the way I truly feel.

I spoke at length to a beautiful light worker friend who assisted me in seeing what I was doing to contribute to the situation and then I had the same conversation with my divine team. As I lay down and relaxed into sleep, going through my routine of love giving and listing all of the things I was grateful for, I added the thought that I would like to remove/fix/heal the part of me that seemed to need someone to "whinge" about.

As I drifted off, I imagined I was drifting into an anaesthetic slumber the same as if I was having an operation. I visualised the surgical scrubs of my divine team and "heard" the discussion of my divine team as they spoke in 'medical' terms about the removal of a harmful set of "cells" that were not assisting me and about the healing 'procedure' they would perform. As I slept, I knew that the healing and understanding would begin. That through this visualisation, I would have effectively "removed" and cut all ties to the part of me that had chosen to relay negativity and give permission for judgement to myself and others. 

I woke this morning feeling a little raw, and feeling the need to be gentle with myself today and the universe seems to reflect that feeling with a gentle, cleansing rain falling softly outside the window. I have pottered in my garden, planted seeds, pulled up weeds, self talking healing as I went. 

I gave permission for someone else to affect my well being, I chose to play a part in giving someone else's choice of action power over me, I held on to feelings of judgement and fear and invited others to participate. I also made a choice to change my perception and asked for the help of my divine team to heal and to withdraw permission.

Gee I feel good today!

If this situation is one you are familiar with, perhaps this strategy may help you to cut all ties to actions that you view to be less than helpful? Ask yourself what you are "buying into", what it is about the situation that has led to your response and then ask your team to heal that with you.

With love and light

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  1. Don't you just LOVE the surgery part - the fact that we don't have to carry stuff around with us, we can just lovingly remove it.
    You are so good at creating the perfect image for understanding a concept.
    Thanks heaps, love and hugs from ME