Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Just breathe

OK, so today was not necessarily one of those dream filled, blissful and angelic kind of days...in fact, it may be describes as completely the opposite kind of day. However, through these situations comes the opportunity to learn and grow...phew.

I had a bit of a frustrating kind of day where the whole world seemed slightly out of sync with me. (How rude! *laugh*) Not enough to really shift my mood, but just enough that at times, I had to work at being happy, positive me.

The way I could maintain calm today was to focus on my breathing whenever I felt an anger urge come over me. I'm human, so, I get angry and frustrated at situations I cannot control. I sometimes forget everything I know about living my chosen path and being the most divine me I can be. Thank fully, I have practised the art of just stopping, taking a few really deep breaths that completely fill my lungs, and with each breath out, I release the ties to all of the things that are frustrating me. I simply move those experiences from me that are not in harmony with the way I choose to feel, and breathe in magic, light and love energy.

This really simple act, that can be done anywhere and at any time, made the difference between me screaming with rage and frustration, and having a pretty good day despite some annoyances.

With love and light (and a big deep breath)

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