Monday, 12 March 2012

The world through tinted glasses

You know (and I don't know why) I have often been accused of viewing the world through "Rose coloured glasses" and "sticking my head in the sand" when it comes to the "realities" of the world! *Laugh* My answer to these would be accusers is..."So?"

If I have the choice, and I most certainly do, then I choose to view the world tinted and shaded with joy, love and beauty. I choose not to dwell on negative experiences for longer than the moment it takes me to get away from them. I choose to see the beauty and potential each person and every transaction holds for me; to see the learning and the gifts rather than the pain or embarrassment. I choose to see the world through glasses tinted with feelings of love and forgiveness, to revel in the joyous moments and have faith and trust that the not so pleasant moments will soon pass. I choose to be me, to love me and to move forward fearlessly to achieve the goals, dreams and follow the path I have chosen for me.

I refuse to let the opinion of others colour the way I see and experience this glorious life. I refuse to acknowledge those who dwell in their ego and act from thoughts of revenge or hate. I refuse to allow people to drag me into their judgements and I refuse the opportunity to judge them in turn for their actions.

In short...."I reject your reality and substitute my own" (I love the Myth Busters *grin*)

Do you know what happens to me because I make these choices?

I live a life that is filled with the joy and happiness I choose to see. I get more of what I focus on the most. I spend my time feeling loved, protected and safe. I know that I am a special and unique soul and I am filled with my sense of purpose, rejecting hopelessness, despair, guilt and aimlessness.

It's a joy to be me.

What do you choose?

It is not a rejection of "the real world", "naive" or "sticking your head in the sand" to choose joy and positivity over nastiness and is a conscious act of will that makes "reality" the way you choose it to be.

With love and light

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