Sunday, 11 March 2012


Helplessness is not a nice feeling; whether it is feeling helpless at being able to do something for your own situation, or worse (for me anyway) feeling helpless to give assistance to someone you love.

Firstly, my divine team wants me to tell everyone that we are never alone, and no matter how helpless we are led to feel, or how hopeless a situation seems, there is always hope and help at hand. Even if the only help available is the strength to pass through the moment or moments leading you to the feeling.

When I feel helpless, I fall immediately back on a conversation with my divine team. I ask their help, I ask for strength and understanding and I ask if there is in fact anything that I can do. I always get an answer when I ask for one and if I sit still for a moment, putting aside fear and anxiety to hear the answer...ALWAYS!
Never once, when I have actually asked for help, has my question and request gone unanswered.

It is easy to underestimate the comfort that can be gained by having someone/something listen to our request without judgement and with immediate consolation and answers; yet it is this very thing that often gives me the strength and courage to pass through particularly anxious, fearful or helpless moments.

With love and light

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