Friday, 9 March 2012

Soul singing

Do you know that moment when your soul sings just to hear a certain word, smell a certain smell, listen to a particular song. You smile, a secret smile, that no one but you knows what it is for or about, and they don't need to? 

It's like when you're reading a book in a public place and you laugh out loud or start to cry because of the story you are reading. It's between you and the characters of the story you are reading, and yet it has touched you and is so profound that everyone can see the impact even though they do not understand.

Do you find yourself reliving these moments just to experience these feelings again? The moment where your soul sang, your heart reached from within you and tried to fly away just because it could no longer be held? 

These moments, however fleeting they may be at times, are the reason we are here.

Revel in the feeling, embrace it, seek it out. For this feeling is the feeling you have when you walk the path you agreed to for this life. This is the moment when your team is whispering in your ear and miracles seem to happen and the world is an amazing and beautiful place where anything seems possible.

This is each of our destinies and our birth right, to walk this path and live a life of these moments.

In the time it does not work this way, and your heart aches for something it doesn't know it is missing; it is also these moments that can give you the strength to move forward, to push past the anxiety, fear and sadness. It is the memory of the moment that moves you towards the next one. 

With love and light

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  1. I have looked at this post for a while now and have only just taken to space to read it. Perfect timing, as always. Soul Singing is something I know lots about and keep in my life. Great to share this description so that others can understand. Thanks - love and hugs.