Thursday, 8 March 2012

When we dream together

I am reminded today by a lot of current events throughout the world of the power of dreaming together. While I don't believe this is a place for politics necessarily; I do think that the lessons learned by those events are really important.

When, as a people, we stand together and dream our dreams of peace and love together, we DO make a difference. Just by saying something when we see something that is not right, we make some difference.

It is through saying what we believe that we begin to make a difference. It is in day dreaming together that we consolidate what we desire as a global community.

It is the law of attraction principle magnified a billion fold! 

In focusing our intentions on the outcome we desire, we announce to the world and to the universe and to the divine that this is what we desire and therefore, we focus the will of the divine and the universe into bringing this about.

We are a global community, and through expressing our desire for global peace and for conflict to end for all people, we are indeed making some difference.

This principle can start at home, with yourself.

Find people who think and feel the same way you do, band together, share your thoughts and ideas without judgement and with love from your heart, and there will be change.

Remember that all change, and all ideas begin with one person having an idea, and influencing others around them to "see" the idea and join in in making it a reality.

With love and light

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