Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Life's too short...

You know I have heard this saying so many times; "Life's too short..." and everyone who has said it has had their own ending to this sentence, the things that 'life is too short,' to not do, or to do. 

This is a constant reminder I think, for us to be aware of the preciousness of the moments we spend doing certain things or avoiding others. I guess, in a round about kind of way, that is exactly what each and every one of these posts are about too.

So, here are the main things I think life is too short and precious to do without or to avoid *laugh* (with the side note, that everyone has their own list and mine is not exhaustive)

  • Life's too short to spend my time thinking about what others may be thinking (I have enough of my own thinking, wondering and discovering to do without trying to do someone else's as well)

  • Life's too short to spend my time regretting an action I didn't take, or one that I did for that matter. I cut the ties to any and all things that hold even a semblance of regret about them, and choose to move forward fearlessly into my next moment.

  • Life's too short to spend my time thinking about how to get back at others, to seek vengeance, to hate, to judge or in any other way negatively impact upon myself and others with my thoughts. Quite frankly, I would much rather have someone else to swap recipes, ideas, theology, conversation and all sorts of fun things with. An "enemy" can just as easily be a friend.

  • Life's too short to watch a heap of many other things to think, explore and do!

  • Life is far too short to dwell on ANYTHING other than the beautiful, wonderful and love filled moments (even then, there are more of these moments to be had, so why stop to dwell when I can just create another one).

  • Life's too short not to take every opportunity to tell someone how you feel (if it's a beautiful, love filled thought) or to compliment others, be grateful for experiences that make you laugh and to reach out a hand to others in love and compassion.
So, there you go, my list of things "Life is too short" for to add to the list you have already seen, loved, and know for yourself.

This post was so much fun to write!

Make yourself a list, what do YOU think life is too short for? Then, the best bit....GO DO THOSE THINGS! YAY! What are you waiting for?

With love and light

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