Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Guardian Angels

Today, in the mail, the galley copy of my third story in the Angel Wings, Faery Dust and Other Magical Things children's book series arrived! The Galley is the first print, meaning that it is only a short time before the book can be released. Naturally I was over the moon about this and completely in love with this story and the illustrations all over again once seeing them in print. The most exciting part of receiving this today though, was being able to "see" this book in the hands of hundreds and thousands of people. I can see them holding this book and reading it either themselves or to their children.

So, what's exciting about this?

Hundreds and thousands of children and adults connecting with their own team of guardians!!!!!!!!! YAY *doing a happy dance*

We all have this amazing, divine team working along side of us guiding and protecting. However, sadly, a lot of people either drown out the voices of their team by being so busy at being busy ALL the time, or they don't realise they are being helped by their team and ignore their impulses and intuition, OR (worst of all) they just don't know how much they are loved and how special they are to the divine.

So, I picture in my mind a person who feels like buying this book and reading it to their children. Not only are they connected to their guardians and their team, but so are those precious beings they are reading the story to! AWESOME.

This is what keeps me writing stories.

With love and light


  1. Your mission is awesome and the outcome is exponentially so. xoxox

  2. yooooohooooooo! :D

    I am LOVING my mission right now

    Thank you special Kids n' Critters star lady