Friday, 2 March 2012

This is what I know

Tonight I just want to share what I know....

I know that the divine doesn't punish; the divine forgives and heals.

I know that the divine never turn away; the divine loves without condition.

I know that the divine does not make me feel guilt and shame, the divine asks patiently and waits for me to understand and decide to take another path.

I know the divine does not condemn those who don't believe or ask me to coerce others; the divine knows we each walk our own paths and that all paths lead to the same place.

I know these things not because I was told them, not because I read about them; I know these things because I feel them in my heart and my soul sings that this is truth. 

With all that I know and remember, I approach the world. This is my compass that guides my actions and becomes my role model. It is these things that I know that I make the choices that lead me along my path and inform my own actions. It is through believing and acting in the way I know the divine does that I come ever closer to the divine residing within me.

With love and light

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