Thursday, 1 March 2012

A joining of minds and purpose

One of the things that brings me the most joy and delight is in finding beings that think, feel and act for the same purpose as me. As human beings, we are social creatures, however, I find that as I grow, I become more sensitive towards things that don't suit my purpose or fit into my view of the world such as violence, nastiness and judgement. Therefore, I tend to avoid many social situations and often choose not to associate with people who either consciously or subconsciously act in this manner. As a light worker, a lot of the people I meet are actually clients as well; people who need healing help and guidance rather than a true friendship based on mutual comfort and support. Sometimes, this can be a little lonely.

Today I recognised another soul who I perceive walks the same path as I do, shares my beliefs about things I am passionate about and has a purpose that not only coincides with mine, but is the same. I cannot tell you how my heart sings to be able to communicate face to face with a being that shares my purpose *HUGE smile*

This reminded me of the importance of being with others of like mind, and I would encourage you all to seek out others who think and feel as you do in the things that matter most. In this, you can offer each other support, love and comfort as you walk the path of your true life's purpose.

I offer gratitude today for the countless people who walk along the same path as I, even though I may not know you, and those of you who join me here daily and on my Facebook page...your presence is felt *warm smile*

Honour the way you feel in terms of protecting and sheltering yourself from harsh energies and confrontational situations, however, never forget that you do not walk alone. Aside from your amazing divine team who constantly walk beside you protecting and guiding you, there most certainly are other human beings who love unconditionally, act from this place of love and welcome contact with a fellow mind.

With love and light

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